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– Effie Doesn’t Like Sundays –

“I don’t like Sundays,” I said to my mother, who was busy working at her computer. She never used to work on Sundays because she worked during the week in her office. Since we’ve been stuck indoors for a month, my mother has set up her office on our dining room table. Sundays used to…

– Effie’s Making Rainbows –

“Let’s make rainbows today,” my mother suggested. My brother and I were sat staring at our bowls of soggy cereal. “You two look like you need cheering up!” My big brother shifted his stare to his orange juice, then grunted. “It’s Friday. I have art Friday mornings,” I said, thinking about how much fun it…

– Effie’s Easter –

Hi, I’m Effie. How was your Easter? Here is my story… Usually I spend Easter meeting my friends in the park. We hunt together for eggs that our parents have hidden behind the slide, under the park benches and at the bottom of trees. They’re not real eggs! They’re plastic and you break them open…

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